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How to Access Windows 7 & Windows 8 Shared Folders from Mac OS X | Digital Citizen

At this point, OS X might ask you to enter your password, in order to enable file sharing. Do so, if that happens. The Finder is opened. Browse to the folder you'd like to share with Windows computers and devices and click Add. Go to the Users section and, in the right column, select the permissions you want to be assigned to each of the listed user accounts.

However, this should be done only on trusted networks. This is useful if you'd like to set up a Write Only drop box where multiple users can turn in assignments or documents into a single folder but other users cannot read them or a Read Only folder for reference, for example. When you are done adding shared folders and setting up their permissions, close the Sharing pane and System Preferences. Once you've completed the above steps on your Mac, your Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers should pick up the shared folders under Network in Windows Explorer or File Explorer.

Let's see how accessing them works from Windows 8. For Windows 7 the procedure is identical. Only the looks of Windows Explorer are a bit different. Open File Explorer and click or tap Network. There you will see the other computers on your network, including your Mac if it is turned on.

If you can't see the Mac, chances are you forgot to add it to the same workgroup as your Windows computers. Check this tutorial for help: Double click or tap the Mac. You are asked to enter the credentials of the user account sharing files and folders on the network. Notice how the Domain entry changes to the name of the Mac. Then, enter the password that user account and click or tap OK.

If you don't type the Mac's computer name first, you won't be able to access its shared folders. Also, you can check the "Remember my credentials" box, if you don't want to always enter the user account and password. If you are having trouble getting the Mac to show up in Network places, you'll need to map one of the folders as a network drive. For full instructions on mapping network drives, see our previous tutorial: How to Map Network Drives in Windows 7. For the folder name, use your Mac's IP address plus the name of the shared folder i.

If the user account you configured on your Mac is different from your Windows login credentials, you'll have to check "Connect using different credentials".

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When you click Finish , you'll be asked to enter your username and password. Enter the details for the user you set up in the steps above. All you have to do is open the door to Windows devices and choose which folders you'd like to share and which permissions to grant network users. The next step, of course, is to set up your Windows computers so that they can be accessed from your Mac.

For complete instructions on sharing folders and devices between the Mac and Windows, read the articles recommended below. You will find them useful. People have been continuously arguing about which is better: The debate never ends, and most people choose to be fans of iOS or Android, no matter what.

I previously used a Motorola Nexus 6 smartphone running Android 7 Nougat. I also reviewed many smartphones with Android, for my work here at Digital Citizen. How to use Diagnostic Data Viewer to learn what is not working in Windows 10 Windows 10 has made the headlines with the fact that it sends all kinds of data to Microsoft.

macOS Sierra: Set up a Mac to share files with Windows users

To alleviate suspicions of wrongdoing, and increase transparency, Microsoft released the Diagnostic Data Viewer app which anyone can use to see what data Windows 10 sends to its parent company. One other convenient use of Diagnostic Data Viewer is for troubleshooting. With this app, you can see what does not work on your Windows 10 PC or device, what is causing the problems, and take measures to fix them.


Here's how:. The same is true if you are using Office , and even if you use a smartphone with Android.

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Are you wondering what OneDrive is and what it does? Do you want to know what the benefits are when using OneDrive? Read this article, as it explains everything you need to know:.

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Sony WHXM2 were excellent headphones, but they had a few flaws. Now Sony has launched the next generation: Skip to Knowledge Base content Search Articles. Solution To share files between any two machines they will need to be on the same network.


This process is different depending on the version of Windows. Windows 7: You can do this in one of two ways: Option 1: Open up a finder window, and on the left pane you will see shared machines under the "Shared" heading. Find the name of the windows machine you wish to share with.

How to connect to file servers, computer shares or Windows shares on a Mac.

Option 2: For example: Make a note of the address IP or Hostname of the Mac.