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Can you customize dock icons and labels?


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My question is, can you customize dock icons and labels? Juicy Juicy 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. Icons Icons on the Dock are pulled from the icon of the item. Names The name of the item on the Dock is pulled from the name of the item itself. Do you know the path to the dock items?

Are the dock shortcuts in a folder or config file somewhere that I can modify? You can modify this file directly, but once the Dock reloads the cache of the item from the original item as I described in my answer, it will be updated and overwrite the preference in this file. Hmm I understand so essentially this will not work then. These shortcuts I want to modify all point to the same executable although with different parameters so they will always each have the same icon, am I correct?

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Juicy Nope, you can change the icon of the shortcut independently from the original file. Open an icon in Preview, select the document and copy-paste it into the Get Info icon of the shortcut. Does that help? Having said that, SuperTab does function like the Dock in that it allows you to launch apps and other content.

The app sets you up with multiple docks. Adding tab rows, deleting them, and moving them around is easy; the universal icons for these actions lead the way. You also get full control over the number of tab rows you want on display and over their appearance. Spotlight searches, Dropbox data, settings panes, clipboards, bookmarks—you can add them all! SuperTab also doubles up as a text expander thanks to its AutoTypes feature, which can also select menu items for you. To top it all off, SuperTab lets you trigger dock items with hotkeys and even with your voice.

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However, we must warn you that it will take a bit of effort not only to set up SuperTab, but also to keep it from getting cluttered and unusable. But the effort will be worth it.

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These are accessible via the Start Menu look for the rocket icon at the far left in the dock. For starters, it gives you window previews that make it easy to identify open apps while switching between them. ActiveDock allows you to group disparate items into a single view. This comes in handy when you want to, say, keep all the resources relevant to a particular project accessible from the dock. If you want to group non-Finder resources, consider apps that let you create unified workspaces. The app gives you quite a few options to customize the look and feel of the dock as well as its contents.

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  • Notably, you can switch to a different theme for the dock and add custom icons for applications. You also get to select new icons for Start Menu , Trash , and Show Desktop from one of the available presets.

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    You can move the panel to any edge of the screen by dragging and dropping it into the right location. The icons are not visible directly, but are hidden behind different tabs such as Tools , Net , and Main. These tabs or icon groups make it easier to keep the dock from getting cluttered. But you can rename the default tabs and customize their contents.

    TabLauncher comes with window previews for active apps.

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