Format hdd for xbox 360 on mac

I agree with 12stringpc. The statement includes an error "smaller" should be "larger" but even then the sentence imbeds an assumption. It would be clearer if the the statement read: "The bottom line is that unless you are percent sure that you will never have a file larger than 4 GB, and compatibility is more important than speed, format the drive as exFAT. I believe this statement in your article is confusing "The bottom line is that unless you are percent sure that you will never have a file smaller than 4 GB, format the drive as exFAT.

Under the "Devices Supported" section, those linux commands should be swapped. You want to ensure you have the most up-to-date packages before installing any. I'm sure most linux users know this This is probably a "no shit Sherlock" piece of information for most people, but you may want to include a warning or notice in the article that formatting a drive will forever delete any of its data, ya know?

The big problem with ExFat is that it is easily corrupted if the drive becomes disconnected before ejecting.

How to Use Disk Utility in macOS Sierra - formatting external hard drive basics

Because all of the FAT filesystems lack the journaling features that provide modern filesystems even exFAT is not "modern" by any reasonable definition with their speed and reliability, the user must be careful to ALWAYS use the OS's "Eject" feature to ensure that the FAT tables on the media have been fully written to disk before physically disconnecting the stick. Fail to do so and pull it out at the wrong time, or have an unplanned disconnection when power is interrupted or someone trips over a cable, and there is significant, non-theoretical risk of filesystem corruption necessitating a lengthy disk repair process when next using the media and possible data loss.

5 Tips for Xbox 360 Hard Drive Users

And on Linux, yes NTFS write support may require installing additional software readily available in distros' package repos , but then again as you note exFAT may as well. I recommend using NTFS if at all possible, for anyone who needs to use removable media and actually cares about the data they store on it.

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I usually move files between Linux systems, or Linux to Mac. When moving between Linuxes, I use ext2 a journaled fs like ext4 is good for HDDs, but not exactly for a temporary file storage. FATs are in general archaic.

How to Format a WD External Hard drive for Xbox Elite? | Tom's Hardware Forum

They were invented years ago. The reason they are still used is that they are simple to implement. For example, I've even managed to write a simple FAT12 header and table in Assembler, while writing a boot loader. Although it's old, it still does it's job. Sometimes a USB drive "forgets" how much GB storage it has and no amount of reformatting will get it back, do this little trick it works in Windows only. Click on the start button in the lower left corner; go to search line and type in Then type diskpart make sure USB drive was already inserted and look for the USB disk number list disk this will list all the disks connected to your computer.

Look for the USB disk select disk 1 probably your main OS drive is 'disk 0' but it is very important to make sure clean type this in to clean the drive memory. Try it again if you get an error create partition primary type this in next, wait for a positive response, then type Space after 'format and capital 'F' in Fat32 And magically all of the lost memory will be recovered and it is freshly formatted in Fat The USB stick does not lose memory.

You should consider allow explorer to see hidden folders, probably the space you are claiming are filled with deleted archives.

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I should have said that thumbdrives tend to not make available partitions so that the USB appears to have smaller memory. This is a fact. Google it. This is a common problem for especially people who tend to use USB drives to load Linux distros. For some reason, after trying to erase a USB drive with a Linux distro OS iso on it, the drive will not reallocate partitions on the drive no matter how many times you reformat.

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Yes, I know, you can use some sort of partitioning software to probably get it back, but the average Joe looks at something like Gparted like a deer in the headlights. You dont have to use Gparted. There is a graphical program called disk in the preferences menu in Mint, that will show you what partitions are on the usb drive.

USB minimum requirements

Allow you to add delete reformat the usb drive very easy simple. So simple my 9 year old was able to use it to recover a 64G usb stick that had multiple partitions with multiple linux distros on it so he could use it on his PS4. Rob Nightingale. Joined: Mar 3, Messages: 2, Likes Received: Dark Scyth , Jul 27, InsaneNutter , Jul 27, Joined: Sep 12, Messages: 18 Likes Received: 0. Nazo , Sep 12, InsaneNutter , Sep 13, What a joke, it supports the Mac file system but not Windows NT's file system Nimrod , Sep 13, Both Fat or Fat32 should work fine for updating the InsaneNutter , Sep 30, What update are you trying to use?

InsaneNutter , Oct 1, Having the latest dashboard can only help though. InsaneNutter , Oct 4, Have you not just got a new game?

Playing quite a lot of games released this year will update you to the NXE. You should be asked to update. InsaneNutter , Oct 7, Joined: Feb 21, Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0. I mean, prefer Mac.

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  8. Or borrow a friends. I have not played around with it much. I guess you could also use an OSX install CD to format the drive, the tutorial is probably the most simple way for someone who doesn't have access to a Mac or an OSX cd to get the job done. InsaneNutter , Feb 24, Joined: Dec 7, Messages: 7 Likes Received: 0. I just wanted to ask since now xbox is updated so it can format USBs and use them to store saves and demos and play them, do I need this thread or I can just plug the HDD into xbox and it will format it for me?

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