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It is used to scan and recognize text files. The extension correctly interacts with most applications that provide graphics.

Tiff-files can be stored in the formats of Intel or Motorola, which is determined by the first word - II and MM respectively. This is due to the peculiarities of these processors: Intel reads and writes numbers from right to left, Motorola in reverse order. The format is cross-platform and does not require specialized software. Tiff-file can be presented in the form of tags that carry information about the image, or a single file executed using the LZW compression algorithm.

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While most applications can generate EPS files, the only editable benefit you will receive is if the file was originally created as a vector image. It will remain flat. If you have trouble opening, you may have to select a program for the image to open in. You will also want to note the color space the file is in. While scanners and digital cameras generate RGB files red-blue-green , you will need to convert the color space to CMYK cyan-magenta-yellow-black for print.

You could also use Pantone colors. Luckily, there is some great, and free software, that can help you edit EPS vector images.


The newest free software tool is Gravit. With Gravit, you can create a free account that allows you to create and work on graphic images including EPS files online to make all kinds of different sized images.

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Some stock image agencies, like Stock Photo Secrets , offers both illustrations vectors , photos, and fonts. When you seek an illustration, unless you are in love with it as-is, you will want to be sure you are receiving an EPS download.

Having the EPS file will allow you to change colors, move things around and customize it to be what you want. For example, if you found a pattern you want to use, but you really don't like the colors, you can swap out the colors to be exactly what you want. Additionally, you might purchase the rights to an illustration if you like an element within the file.

If it is editable, you can pluck out what you want to use quickly and easily.

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An EPS file format offers your vector graphic image a lot of customization and room to work with your image to change it without really destroying any image information or having to flatten the image. You should use an EPS vector file when you would like to ultimately control the size of the image without pixellation problem, and also when you want to make global changes to sizes, colors, and changes to your image.

The EPS format created by Adobe Illustrator is a graphics file format that is great for designers who need to create large billboards, or need to make a dry large graphic for some other printing need. EPS is an old format that can be opened with a lot of free software, whether you are a Mac or PC user, mentioned above. The benefit of buying a vector is that you can resize it basically to any size you might want, no matter how big you need it to be.