How to setup ftp server on mac

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Nimesh Neema A couple of things to get started Can you supply it so we can review? ProFTPD may not be the best choice - reading some reviews it's aiming to be industrial strength and not perhaps the easiest to install and configure. Do you have homebrew installed? If so, this answer may be helpful: apple.

IanMcGowan I think my question is same with the question you linked.

How to Run FTP or SFTP Server in macOS? | OS X Tips

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How to Run FTP or SFTP Server in macOS?

Check if the server is working with the ftp localhost command. If you see something similar in the terminal window:. So everything turned out and the server works. To connect to the server, use your account or create a new one, especially for ftp connections which will be more correct from a security point of view. As you know, the FTP server transmits data in unencrypted form and, as a result, for security reasons, it is not very reliable.

Using a Mac to connect to the FTP Server

If this is the first login to the server, then the client will offer to remember the host to which the connection is made. Next, you need to enter a password, if all the data has been entered correctly, the client will successfully connect to the server.

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FTP and File Transfers

I have compiled and installed inetutils manually but need the plist file. I dont want to use homebrew. Thank you. Try this link.

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