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Best of luck. I suggest that everyone working for MJ do without their phones until the incompatibility with el captain is solved. Having no phone for normal use nor emergencies is not fun. The staff should be in the same boat as their customers. How difficult can this fix possibly be? Once you have the fix immediately e-mail me please. Not happy! Same issue here. Magic Jack plus with El Capitan not working. The Magic Jack Software will not launch, and the system is not recognizing the device.

When will this be fixed?

Method 2: Magicjack Plus Installation via Internet Router

We hope you will support El Capitan very soon and would like you to let us know when this will be. Please let us know when magic jack supports El Capitan. We are very disappointed! I connected that to my router. At the registration site they ask if this is a replacement and I said yes and they replaced MJ and kept my years remaining and phone number on the account.

Phone works perfectly from the router.

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Very happy. The MJplus is a few dollars and I would upgrade to the plus. This is total BS. I am done with MJ. Not likely. Best of luck,. Your service on this mac update is less than stellar…. I did it but so what….. May harmony find you. Please add me to the list of those people who want notification that MJ will work with Mac El Capitan. I have my device plugged into a USB port on my computer, not on the router which is at a separate location in the house.

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Can you please send me an email as soon as you release the new version compatible with El Capitan? I use my MagicJack for business and It will be nice if you team can fix this issues as soon as possible. I have upgraded to El Captain and an old magic jack stick it used to work perfectly but now I can not get connection to magic jack any more — can somebody help me? Pleas notify me by email when you have updated the service system.

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Just upgraded to El Captain and now my Magic jack does not work. Please let me know when this is fixed. This is the only home phone we have. Have kids at the ouse that rely on this phone. May you please notify me when the relevant El Capitan for MagicJack is released? Thanks in advance…. Any Idea when Magic Jack will be updating the driver.

How to fax with Magic Jack – sending, receiving, alternatives, and more

Also how will I know when this is completed Thanks for your help. When do you expect to have an installer compatible with osx I just purchased the device but can not detect and register the device without software compatible with I just upgraded to OS I think they ought to fix this soon and provide me with an updated Magic Jack device. They should also have contacted clients like me about this problem so would not have been inconvenience. Personally spent hours trying then spent days and dollars for professional tech.

Succeeded in establishing service but lost Internet.

I purchase a Magicjack Express and have been trying to configure. After being assigned a tele number which is - , I now find that the magic jack is not compatible with my Apple Computer with operating system What is Magic Jack going to do in compensation for those of us Mac users who prepaid their annual fee … upgraded to El Capitan …..

Cannot make or receive calls on magicjack plus. Internet connection O.

Can you assist me? Thanks awfully. It was a bit confusing, but they did do it. It did involve temporaily stopping privacy settings and then MJ sent my the update pacakge.

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Waited in text queue for about 6 minutes. Status: Disconnected Julz: Hi, my name is Julz. How may I help you? I cannot make the move until mj is ready. Please let me go ahead and assist you. Julz: Do you have the magicjack device with you right now? Mark Rhodes: yes. I am running Yosemite now, and want to go to El Capitan, but I cannot use mj with it until your engineers have made it compatible. Julz: I see. Julz: Thank you for the information. Julz: We have a fix now for the magicjack device and El Capitan. Mark Rhodes: fabulous. Mark Rhodes: no.

Magic Jack Problem Fixed on El Capitan | Chiriquí Chatter

I am using Yosemite Julz: I see. Julz: Since you are still using Yosemite, we cannot apply the fixes on your Mac for now. Mark Rhodes: ok, so I have to move up to Julz: Yes, we can try that. I have to be certain it will work because I need my phone as well. Is this a sure thing? Julz: I would suggest that you stick on your Yosemite for now until we have the certain fixes for the El Capitan and magicJack.

Julz: Yes, I understand. Mark Rhodes: So my original question is when do you foresee an absolute fix? Julz: Thank you for asking from us before making a move. Please understand. Mark Rhodes: And how come there is nothing on your Support page about this? Mark Rhodes: whatever. I think your engineering could stay on top of things a bit better, yes?

Julz: Yes, that is correct, Mark Rhodes: I cannot recommend mj to my colleages until this is fixed Julz: Our engineers are doing the best they can to provide a sure fix on the issue. Julz: I understand. Mark Rhodes: Will there be a post on your site when that happens? Julz: There may be a post about that or you will just be notified through your email or you can chat us back and ask for an update.