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The default MAC address table size for each interface is addresses.

Configuring BGP Signaling for VPLS

For VPLS, you can include the mac-table-size statement at the [ edit logical-systems logical-system-name routing-instances routing-instance-name protocols vpls ] or [ edit routing-instances routing-instance-name protocols vpls ] hierarchy level. The default MAC address table size for each domain is addresses. You can include the global-mac-limit statement at the [ edit protocols l2-learning ] hierarchy level. The default MAC address table size for the entire system is , addresses. Note that the value of global-mac-limit must be set lower than the configured value of interface-mac-limit.

If you manually configure a MAC address limit, you must ensure that values for interface limits such as the interface-mac-limit are set lower than domain limits such as mac-table-size , and the domain limits are set lower than global limitss such as global-mac-limit. If a value for a more specific limit is set higher than a more global limit, the commit operation fails.

Configuring MAC Address Flooding and Learning for VPLS

Every site is giving a unique identifier. Apart from a site-identifier, a site-range could also be specified. When a site-range is specified, it specifies an upper-limit to the value that the site-identifier can have within the entire VPLS. For instance, a site-range of 4 would effectively impose an upper limit of 4 sites inside a VPLS. Not specifying a site-range, which is the recommended approach, will provide the VPLS with the default value of VPLS multihoming allows us to connect site 3 to multiple PE routers while we prevent a layer 2 loop at the same time.

The basic configuration of a multihomed site does not differ much from the previously configured standard sites:.

A multihomed site is one site. Therefore, when you configure multihomed sites, the site-identifier needs to be the same on both PE routers. This statement specifies to the PE router that the site is multihomed to another PE router. The second statement indicates whether or not the site is serving as the primary or backup connection. The route towards the primary location will be preferred by other PE routers due to this higher local preference. In order to do so, we will need to configure the L2VPN instance on that router as well.

In addition to this, we will also need to outfit that same router with tunnel interfaces. Tunnel interfaces can be used for a variety of reasons.

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They can be used for route-leaking, labbing or for the creation of certain tunneling interfaces, such as GRE interfaces. Here, we will use these tunnel interfaces for something else. We then configured two logical units for the tunnel interface and peered them together. Unit 1 is peered to unit 0 and vice versa.

MAC Learning - TechLibrary - Juniper Networks

Unit 0, configured with vlan-vpls encapsulation, can be placed inside a VPLS routing-instance. Note that the L2VPN is configured with its own unique site-identifiers. These site-identifiers have nothing to do with the VPLS we configured. Site-identifiers are unique per routing-instance.

Juniper JUNOS Basics

The last configuration item, placing the other tunnel interface into the VPLS routing-instance, is done as follows:. However, knowing how to verify that everything you configured is working as intended is arguably even more important. Luckily, Junos has a very rich cli that enables you to get to the bottom of just about anything the router is doing. In our next post we discuss the verification of VPLS. Netherlands based networking enthusiast and Juniper Networks ambassador. Known to lab up and write about whatever sparked his interest networking wise.

Other than that, he is a father to his son, husband to his wife and he enjoys long dinners with friends. More Posts - Website - Twitter. Hi Said, Thank you for the nice post. Can you pls advise reason of using the following part in your config:.

Configuring VPLS Routing Instances

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