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Instead, you can choose your own product name. You may mention in the product documentation or about dialog that your product uses QCAD technology. QCAD is free open source software.

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This means that everyone can get involved and contribute to make this project even better. One of the most comfortable ways to contribute is to create a pull request through github. Add-ons are often developed by QCAD users to solve a particular problem at hand. A user might for example want to create an add-on to QCAD to draw some type of complex line pattern between two points.

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There's a good chance that there are other users our there, who could benefit from the same add-on, so the user decides to share this add-on under an open source license. Another user might start using that add-on, modify and improve it and share it back. Now the first user also benefits from the update made by the second user.

This is the spirit of open source software development.

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You can get started with script development immediately. Script files can be added in the scripts folder of any QCAD installation where you can also find the implementation of all the existing tools and widgets of QCAD. No additional software is required. If you would like to try out the latest and greatest new features and help with testing and feedback, please check out the current development version. You will need a compiler to compile the QCAD source code.

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Merci pour votre aide. Tout est reconnu du 1er coup: I7 k, Samsung S, audio, etc. Salut tout le monde. Merci de votre aide.

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I7 qm. Nvidia gt m 2gb. Carte graph non reconnu. Et pa de internet.

Excellent, merci, je patouille encore avec le son sur ma carte Asrock mais je sens que je vais y arriver, merci encore. SVP aidez moi. Bonjour, es-que Facetime et imessage fonctionnent bien? Merci JCL.

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Essaye de changer de port Sata. Peux-tu me dire quelle version OS X tu utilises? Supporte les Slider axes avec vJoy. Visualisation de toutes les adresses IPv4 disponibles. Menu HTML. Le fichier de configuration ne fonctionnait pas pour Windows. Le nom des touches est toujours en anglais. Cela fait partie de ma liste de chose faire pour UsendMii. Ex : usendmii. UsendMii, juste super. Salut N.

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