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How to Make a Trendline Graph in

From the Titles pull-down menu, select the desired axis. Horizontal Category Axis. From the Click here to add title text box, type the desired axis title. You can alter chart axes in certain ways through the Layout command tab.

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Depending what chart you are using, the Value and Category axes will be on either the x- or y-axes e. You can change the order of categories, add or remove axis labels and tick marks, or change the scaling of the Value axis. When changing the scaling of the Value axis through the Layout command tab, you may only do so exponentially. From the Categories list, select the desired option.

A legend will help readers understand the graphical components of your chart. For example, in a bar chart, the legend tells your readers what each bar of a particular color or pattern represents. Without a legend, readers would see categories on one axis e. Legends can be placed anywhere within the chart area, but are commonly located at the right of the chart. If you choose to include a data table and have selected the Show Data Table with Legend Keys option, adding a legend will display redundant information.

Excel 2008: Create a Chart or Graph

For pie charts, use data labels rather than a legend. Legend descriptions should be as concise as possible. Under Other options , from the Legend: Data labels display the exact measurements of the information used to create the chart beside the bars, columns, lines, and points that represent them. They can be especially useful if you have a wide or tall chart.

However, on some charts, data labels may interfere with the chart's readability. Be sure to test data labels on your chart before using them on your final chart. Under Other options , from the Labels: A data table shows the raw data that is used to create a graph. Similar to data labels, they can be especially useful when exactness is required to interpret the chart. However, data tables take up space on the chart area, and will shrink the plot area. You may need to resize the chart after adding a data table. On the Formatting Palette , click Chart Data. The Chart Data toolbar appears.

Gridlines can increase the readability of the chart by helping direct the eye from axis value to the value being charted. This is especially useful if you have a wide or tall chart.

Re: Move Axis to Bottom of Graph

You can establish both major and minor gridlines. Generally, major gridlines are sufficient. The button acts as a toggle switch. However, you can change the title position to appear as an overlap text object on top of the chart.

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When you position the chart title as an overlay, the chart is resized to the maximum allowable size. In the same way, you can also reposition horizontal and vertical axis titles to achieve the best fit in a chart.

Create a chart in Excel for Mac

If you want a more custom look, you can set individual options using the Format dialog box. Select the chart you want to modify. Click to view larger image. Is this article up to date? Yes No.

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