Adding ssd to mac mini void warranty

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Jan 4, at 6: We have had our fun, now don't confuse the guy any further Azzin! Thanks x 1 List.

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  4. Opening up Mac Mini and warranty question.

MrSossidge , Jan 4, Jan 7, Messages: East Riding of Yorkshire Ratings: I have a i7 2. The SSD went in no bother following a tutorial of ifixit.

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I did not Fusion them together, I have partitioned the 1tb into 2, using 1 half as Time Machine and the other for Pictures and iTunes. I can confirm there is enough room in the mac mini for both drives. Jan 5, at 7: Apr 4, Messages: Jan 5, at MrSossidge , Jan 5, I am also running Crashplan that is backing up the main boot drive and additional selected folders including itunes and Pictures. I have 80gb of Google Drive space and use Picassa for my photos and every import is shared to the Web. I thought I had lost all of my kids baby photos from birth up to about 5 a few years ago so have been paranoid since and have improved my workflow.

Will upgrading Mac Mini hard drive void AppleCare Warranty? - Ask Different

However, whilst sorting through the various folders and files on an old external drive I have found a folder containing pictures of them up to about 3 years old. Where is that from? The Dark Horse , Jan 5, Jan 28, Messages: I seem to recall being told that even replacing the RAM with non-Apple stuff invalidates their warranty as well. Azzin , Jan 5, The chances of dodgy RAM causing a fault with another component are small though. Apple wouldn't bother trying to prove it was the RAM, they would just repair, unless of course the Mac was damaged during fitting of said RAM.

Upgrading New 2014/ 2015 Mac Mini to SSD (Solid State Drive)

Another reason to remove when getting a repair done is that they can't guarantee return of your RAM if they choose to replace the Mac completely. CamFire , Jan 5, Apr 26, Messages: If the warranty issue is because of the hardware you installed.

Then yes it is NOT covered. But they can not just assume that just because you upgraded a part that you caused the damage. They will have to prove it. So if you hear that BS come from an Apple "genius" or service tech quote the federal law and if they still won't stand. Sue them in small claims and you'll get more then enough to buy yourself an new one with some money left over. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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How to upgrade the RAM on the new 2018 Mac mini

Will this replacement void my AppleCare warranty? Letseatlunch Letseatlunch 2 6. Mr Rabbit Mr Rabbit The actual upgrade itself will not void your warranty. Links and Resources https: Flip the entire motherboard on a Powermac out into the open with just the flip of a latch. Likewise pull out all the guts in a G4 Cube with the pull of a handle.

RAM slots quickly accessible in a Powerbook just by pulling the battery, no tools at all required.

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  • Ah, the good, old days. What's wrong with doing that again, Jonny Ive? Are looks the only things that matter now, with no regard for function? Reply 24 of November 8, 6: Time to move along old dogs.

    Adding a SSD to mac mini; does it effect warranty?

    Reply 25 of Reply 26 of Mike Wuerthele Posts: Reply 27 of Reply 28 of Melgross that is incorrect. Read the article. It explicitly states this process does NOT void the warranty. Only if you break something do you have a problem Your last sentence question is a good one though. Seeing how involved this is, I'd consider just biting the bullet and getting "more" RAM at time of purchase.

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