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Then boo them off the stage!

The 9 Best Free and Cheap Audio Editors for Mac

This popular sound machine is perfect for adding sound effects to any moment. Each sound is represented by a tile within the soundboard and includes a play button and volume control. The Advanced View allows you to specify a start and stop playback positions within the sound file and can bring up additional settings such as assigning different colors. Tap the button on each sound tile to playback sound. Tap again to pause. You can drag the tiles into new positions by grabbing the gripper at the top right of the sound tile. You can also drag the sounds into the different numbered groups found at the top of the app.

This app was originally built for use on the popular Tech Show podcast so you'll find stock sounds that'll compliment your show too.


And in your favorite intros, outros, sweepers, or radio spots for playback on your podcast or radio show. It can be customized in every possible way. Th elast time I used the app was last weekend, no ads. Tonight Ilaunched it, and am now confronted with ADS. I believe I had purchased it, guess not, can't "upgrade" to lose the ads, kinda saddened by this.

I love using this against those pesky phone scammers, but it would be nice if there was more of a variety of sounds. Another suggestion would be to add a replay feature and the ability to move the boxes around so you can have the most relevent sounds at the top.

I love the Bad Call sound effect, it confused quite a few of those scammers.

I love the idea and the app, but would like to see a way to export some of the sounds, like downloading some of them to iMovie. If anyone has anyways or knows something special i can do to be able to this, please let me know! Also, if there is another app similar to this one with exportable sounds, please tell me! Thank you. It supports a large number of file types. It allows you to work on multiple files at the same time, and you can even batch process thousands of files at once. WavePad supports audio bookmarking, the usual range of effects and some text-to-speech and vocal manipulation tools to boot.

Download: WavePad Free for non-commercial use. A completely free and feature-packed cross-platform audio recorder and editor from Brazil, OcenAudio is another option for the budget sound engineer. It also supports various videos formats including the MKV container. OcenAudio is often seen as the main alternative to Audacity. It has a similar feature set, but a much more refined interface that makes it super accessible. For the best free audio mixing software look no further than Studio One Prime. You can create or mix music with the built-in effects, instruments, and loops.

It takes some time to find your way around the interface—let alone master. Pro Tools is the industry standard for audio production. Pro Tools First is a free, stripped down taster for new users. You can record directly into the app, or import and edit existing recordings. For more, see our guide detailing how to use GarageBand. Download: GarageBand Free. And the signs look good.

Reaper is loved by its userbase. Read More , making thousands of instruments and effects available. What it lacks compared to similar commercial products is a sound library. But the internet is packed with thousands of freely downloadable samples you can use to build your own. Adobe Audition is a popular choice for all types of audio editing and mixing. Fission is an audio editor that focuses on fast, lossless editing in a neat and stylish package. The app comes with a decent free trial which provides unhindered access to all functions, except for one thing: audio files are saved at lower quality.

You can batch convert from one file format to another, while a handy Podcasts panel makes it easy to package your broadcasts to share online. There are apps in this list that are suitable for anything, from quick 5-minute jobs to launching your recording empire. These free Mac video editors let you perform essential video editing tasks at no cost.

Read More to get started. Your email address will not be published. Check out Acon Digital's Acoustica version 7 onwards. It has been completely redesigned and now has a Mac version.

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I was looking for a replacement for Audition on PC, and after trying so many wave editors, Acoustica 7 was the most promising. I have now switched to Mac, so will be taking the Mac version for a spin.

Adobe Audition, Audacity, TwistedWave, and more

A huge bonus is that it doesn't look like shareware from 20 years ago Audacity. Hi, I am looking for an app that can cut a MP3 in many MP3 automatically based on the silences between the words. Each MP3 will then gets it own id.

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Rob B: What you are asking to do is a Two step process, and you are not going to be able to do this on the cheap. Second, if you want the tagging, you need a Batch Editor, like Adobe Audition. Which will tag all of those bits for you. Wavepad is NOT free. To continue saving, you MUST by the full edition. If you don't, all your work is LOST!!! That's interesting, I'm quite surprised to hear that as the software states that it is free for non-commercial use with "most" of the features of the full paid version.

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Don't select the main download link. Instead use the link to the free version buried in the text. However what is downloaded is a dmg file and the installed version finally is a version with limited capabilities after some trial. I have to correct myself. The links are different. Although the link of the file showed by the browser is misleadingly "zip" and the files downloaded have the same name, BUT the free version instance eventually works as advertised.

I cant believe Adobe are trying to charge customers per month for using software? I am finally able to enter the digital photography field because of the Adobe CC subscription based model. I am sure you have good reason for objecting, but I get immediate access to thousands of dollars worth of software for an extremely approachable fee.

I believe you can still purchase all their products as always, but the CC model lets the the working class have access too. Seriously the GUI, the icons and the waveform of Audacity looks like it's some crappy Windows software. I have been doing DSP for over 35 years.

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  • I remember back in the day before wav files even existed and it was all just raw data. These days, I mostly edit by frequency spectral editing instead of amplitude.

    David Johnston created Cool Edit, then pro before Adobe bought them out. I get free copies from SW companies all the time.