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For example, in the file name "winmail. It helps Windows select the right program to open the file. We have a huge database of file extensions file types with detailed descriptions. We hand pick programs that we know can open or otherwise handle each specific type of file. All software listed on file. I will post what the pros and cons are. The simplified interface in Paint. They work well together as a combo. I use Picasa but find it to be of poor quality in general. Flickr also has some image editing and modifying add-ons as well but these are on line features not stand alone PC based applications.

Note: recently I had numerous problems installing Windows. These problems maybe resolved. Hi all. Thanks for the input from all of you.

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Now I have some more info to make my pic. A free download from www. It is a relatively small program that loads quickly. A wide range of plug-ins makes more capabilities available as needed. Sorry but I deleted your post. A number of reasons; 1] We don't share files in these forums. I use mainly photoshop to edit pictures. I do find that all programs work well according to their design. Since what you want to do is a cut and paste of one picture over another I would not spend any or no money on this. I would search the above programs mentioned and see which ones have the following tools.

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Cloning tool, a cutting out tool, layers and feathering features. If you clone, the feathering feature set at 2 to 5 pixels will take away a harsh line. If you cut out the part of the picture you want again feathering is very helpful. If you can find a program with some blending for the layers go for it.

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Add into that the ability to control the opacity of the layers. It is not so much which program others like but the program you need to do what you want. So do your research. Hope this helps. I think you will pleasantly surprised! Please forward your comments to tomtbksa mweb. Your "Hi i download it last time from this blog" was interesting, but sadly I see that "this blog" also happens to be your own blog.

Sorry, but site ranking and site promotion posts are removed routinely. All but one of those editors including 2 versions of Adobe Photodeluxe had pretty much the same features, and one major drawback: You could only back up ONE step if you messed up. The editor that was the one exception is what must be the first version of Adobe Photoshop Elements. The only version numbers I've been able to find are for the plug-in modules. Old versions of Photoshop Elements are available on ebay and other places fairly cheap. The latest version is 7.

The version that I've got works with every Windows version I've tried it on since Windows 98, and it very rarely crashes. It does the basics better than anything else I've got, and it has lots of features that the others don't have. You can configure it for however many steps you want it to back up if you mess up. The most I've tried is 40 steps. It was an extremely well done program in its day, and it can still hold its own against a lot of the newer junk that's out there. If anyone is interested I just discovered Flaming Pear plugins work now with bit CS5 96 months ago permalink.

Use the code "simplefocus" to take advantage of the discount. Some Photoshop freebees: These are in response to the Topaz Stars plug-in, and provide an easy way to produce the same effects manualy. Check out the two Karl S flare brush sets, and be sure to watch the "How to create a lense flare brush" video. It really is very simple. Tutorial for making cool smoke images.

I'm constantly looking for PS resources. You just added a few links to my list. Now I have more time to work with PS. Hello, would anyone know of free software for digital framing of pictures, similar to what Picnik did or better. I know that picmonkey has some framing capabilities, but they are very limited. Thank you in advance for your help. Here are some good Tutorials www. Another new tutorial from my latest image Neon City! An Index of tutorials spread-ed through out the world wide web. Thanx, Perla. Plugin are great for those who want to handicap their skill set think about this when using them.

Plugins also stop originality as you see most of the effects from the plugins above used regular by amateur photographers.

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If you want to be original, if you want to stand out in the crowd then learn to do the effects your self don't rely on plugins they will make you lazy and blinkered in as far as what you are actually capable of! A good way to discipline your self is to be able to create your work on any machine with your main software, be it photoshop, lightroom, gimp what ever. If you can do this then you will become a master of post production eventually.

You get the same results this way as shooting 3 seperate images or by using your bracketing option on your camera. Originally posted 85 months ago. It's time for a review, several links are not working. The Ulead Particle plugin can't be found on their site. I wonder if it's possible someone here to share the original plugin via something like Sendspace or Zippyshare? Anyone know of a site for good vignette effects?

Start with far left to see what the other sliders do. Have fun. Nik-Google has a stunning array of vignettes - dark, light, blur, and flexible as heck with control points. Sign up for a free account, or sign in if you're already a member. Flickr logo.

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If you click it, you'll go home. Sign Up Explore. Upload Sign In. Go back to the beta groups experience. We have noticed a growing trend in the comments of our favorite photographers.

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Things like, "Please tell me See more. Photos Discussions Members Map About. Question for work flow 5 replies. I use to know how to post a photo in a posting but I guess I forgot Camera to subject distance 5 replies. Dear Friends, I have a question that seemingly cannot be answered on the interne Need help with printing issue. Good afternoon my fellow photographers! Greetings from Texas. I have a rock in Adobe threatens to sue users of older versions of Photoshop 3 replies.