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If the latter, then you would have to do port forwarding right in the airport. I'm not using Apple Airports, but a Time Capsule. When I looked at port forwarding the other day, it seems to indicate and I'll look again that using port forwarding breaks the UPnP ability which is working on my other devices. Is it possible to change the port 80 on the 99i to something else, say and have it self configure and work? In that case, all you have to do is to configure port forwarding on your TC only.

Configure Port Forwarding on Apple Routers — Insteon

This is not going to break any UPnP services. I just got a isyi. My airport extreme is setup with dhcp reservation, and port forwarding, but I still have no internet access for the isyi, and I also cannot purchase modules over the internet from the Admin console. The Console app. I will not be able to control my devices from "anywhere.

Port Triggering

I am using a Time capsule as a router connected directly to my ISP. I have reached the end of my knowledge, which didn't take long, and now I can't get back into the isy to change it back.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. You might need to change the default dhcp range parameters such that the router's dhcp range starts outside your list of static IPs. I believe I left for dhcp reservations, and started my static list at Please contact our tech support links below and we'd be delighted to help you get your unit back up and running. Could this topic be updated with current links? The portforward. The settings panes don't look the same and the options that they refer to aren't there in the utility anymore. That's not your site, I know, but the link at the top of this thread still points there.

Open up your Xbox One’s NAT via AirPort Utility

And the link here to docs. I've been at this for a few hours now and I'm no closer to being able to access my ISY from outside my network than I was before. I am so sorry to hear. It won't let you save the port TCP.

How to portforward a Airport Express/Extreme

But I did set it back. I might set up the VPN in a different subnet with a new router. I guess that's the only possible fix I can see.

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Port Forwarding Apple Airport With Huawei HG659 As Wifi Repeater

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