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Switch -mfb: Specifies number of fast bytes. Sometimes helps with "sparse" files. Don't bother. Switch -mpass: Number of passes for deflate compression. Don't bother with this. Automatically set with levels. Switch -md: This specifies dictionary size. It is automatically set, so don't bother. Switch -mmt: Enable multithreading. Use if you have quad-core and a huge archive.

Specify "on" or "off". Command x. This command is like "e" except it preserves the full paths. If you have an elaborate or important directory structure, use this option.

This would be most useful for backups. Example x command line 7z x archive. Switch t type. Here I show how to specify the archive type.


Unzipping Files Using Terminal- Mac Only

Note that you can specify any file name you want for any type. But some extensions are recommended—they are standard. Type switches Switch: -t7z Format: 7Z Example filename: archive. Type switch examples. The 7-Zip manual shows the -tiso and -tudf switches. These are not the most common. Almost all of the examples in this document use -t switches. Example a command lines 7z a -tiso archive. Solid archives.

Solid makes it impossible to use the "u" command to update individual files. This is the default so you won't often need to specify it.

Open/Extract 7z File with Freeware on Windows/Mac/Linux

Useful when you need to update individual files. Will reduce compression ratios normally. Some things you can change are dictionary sizes, FastBytes values, MatchFinder values, and filters. Normally you don't need to deal with these. With the 7z format, you can specify the algorithm.

PPMd is good for compressing plain text files. It is ideal for Word documents. PPMd does not perform as well on binary data.

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They are useful and higher is normally better. They are not normally useful. Tip: You should use PPMd when you have a large corpus body of text. This could include HTML.

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Example commands. Here I show the example compression commands from the 7-Zip manual. I demonstrated simple ones at the start of this document. These are more complex. Example a command line 2 7z a -tzip archive. Example of 7z format. This next command line shows how to create a solid 7z archive of program files executables. It uses multithreading mode, which means it will be fast.

Example ms command line 7z a -t7z archive. Create PPMd archive. PPMd is an extraordinary algorithm for compressing text. Here I show a command in the 7-Zip manual that compresses all the text files in the working directory. Tip: The command is useful because you will normally want to compress only text files with PPMd.

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Example PPMd command line 7z a -t7z archive. Switch o. Sometimes you do not want to extract to the current directory. This is where -o can come in handy. Use this to set the destination directory. Example o command line 7z x archive. Switch p. We can use the "-p" switch, which refers to the word "password".

Command-line Guide for Linux, Mac & Windows — NRAO Information

This is really helpful when security and encryption is involved. You can specify a password on the command line. Example p command line 7za a pw. Opening password-protected archives.

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This next console output shows what happens when you try to open the password-protected archive. I am so clever. Header encryption: Add -mhe to encrypt headers.

Open/Extract 7z File on Mac

The password command will automatically deal with encrypted headers. Tip: Remember, encrypted headers will hide the names of the files in your archive. More switches. Here we take a closer look at more switches that are of limited use. They are sometimes useful to know.