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You can configure Screen Time in the System Preferences.

The Find My app is like the same app on iOS The Find My app can help located your Apple gear. Here, it shows the last location where I used my AirPods that are currently stored in my backpack. It can tell you the location of friends and family who have given you permission to track them.

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  2. How Do I Manage My Audiobook Library In MacOS Catalina?.
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The above six features in macOS Catalina are ones you can get working right away. The Accessibility settings have been expanded, making a Mac much easier to use for anyone with a disability. But the Accessibility options can be used by anyone. They are there for you to configure based on your tendencies and preferences.

The biggest changes are with Voice Control. Dictation is more accurate, and you can even use Voice Control to edit documents you are writing. You can use your voice to navigate your Mac, too.

Voice Control has a deep list of vocal commands you can use. And if you can figure out a few voice commands to replace some mouse moving and clicking and keyboard input, you can become a more efficient user on your Mac. Roman has covered technology since the early s. He's also written for MacRumors and Realtor. Sidecar: Use your iPad as a second display Using multiple displays is a great way to make it easier to navigate your Mac. Apple Use Sidecar to connect your iPad as an external display for your Mac.

Block senders in the Mail app It seems like the battle against spam and other unwanted email is never ending. IDG Apple Mail 13 finally has the ability to block senders. New sort features in Photos Use the Photos app to organize your photo collection?

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IDG Among the new organizational tools in Photos is the ability to sort picutres based on the year, month, or day. IDG One of the features of Screen Time is that limits can be set on the typoes of apps a user can access. Apple Voice Control has a deep list of vocal commands you can use. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

Read our affiliate link policy for more details. Currently reading. Six features you should try after installing macOS How to create a bootable macOS Catalina installer drive. How to use Sidecar to make your iPad a secondary Mac I have an extensive audiobook library mostly DRM-free in iTunes, which I actively curate that is, I break books into chapters, combine chapters into sections, edit the metadata, etc.

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With Catalina, I understand this content will be moved to the Books app. If you have played with the Catalina beta, do you know whether I will able to edit audiobooks in Books in the same manner that now is possible in iTunes? If no, any suggestions on non-Apple apps to use for this purpose, not only to edit the content, but then to play it on both Mac and iOS devices? I did download some free audiobooks in the Books app on Catalina.

Perhaps then they are just in the Music app. Or maybe you can choose. You may just have to wait until you get Catalina and then see. The book files do not sync in icloud either. Make sure you backup your books before upgrading to Catalina. This has become a bit of a pain for me as well. I am having the same problem as above — large audiobook library but small hard drive.

How can I direct Books to my external hard drive with my audiobooks? I use metadata to sort by genre and use smart playlists to organize. A major headache for me to upgrade. For now, I keep my main machine on Mojave Pieter: Have you set up syncing in the Finder? Look for your iPhone in the left sidebar of the Finder and choose it to view the syncing options you used to do this in iTunes. Thank you Apple, i have Audio Books, all an a 3 TB external hard drive, just installed Catalina, all going well until my available disk space is 0, for the love of god i cannot find a way to get the books app to look at the hard drive where i store an extensive collection, i bought a mac mini which has a small hard drive in December last year, wish i now had not bothered i havent even dared to launch the apple TV app as i know i have 1.

Probably not, but worth a look. I keep my iTunes Library 1. Some audiobooks are. Files are managed and sorted manually. Anytime I get a new one it always requires extensive metadata editing to fix their year of print, add cover art, etc. It sounds like Apple is finally telling me that they no longer want me as a customer. It is just one feature in the iTunes-to-Books transition that is missing.

I would take your audiobooks out of iTunes before upgrading and leave them as files on your external drive. Maybe there is another app that you can use to access them for a while? To syncing you have to go through the WHOLE list of Audiobooks in the finder window , find the book you want to select, then sync. No more syncing by collection. I have hundreds of audiobooks, like looking for a needle in a haystack to choose each title. Gary Rosenzweig, thanks for the info mate, your right with music and TV shows and films it behaves as before apart from the TV and films artwork but easy to sort, I cannot fathom out a fix for my audiobook collection think it will have to be different player doing some research, if can fix will post back, when find a good audiobook player that works for putting on an iPhone will let forum know.

Same thing guys- all library I have was located on external drive.

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I have no idea how to mange it right now. All these updates piss me off. Most of my audiobook collection comes directly from Audible. I download it to my Mac and then frequently to my iPhone to listen on the go. RJ: If you are using Audible, get the Audible app! It is a much better way to listen and manage your books. You only need to download the one you are currently listening to, but you can access all of your books online when you want to switch.

I had the same issue with the permissions. I have almost audiobooks. I cannot read more than a page because of a disability that affects my sight. So this is a major problem. I lost the use of 2 major apps when I upgraded to Mojave. Apple is not the same company anymore. Sorry, Apple apologists but Apple is not the cozy cuddly company u think it is. I need help! If I need to download an app, which one should it be? Can you just store the audiobooks in a folder as files and only load the one you are listening to into the Books app? I have around audiobooks and growing, a mix of DRM and open source.

I do not want to use multiple different applications. I need to upgrade to take advantage of the new security features within the new macOS. I am scared and totally stressed out. I can understand Apple thinking that with ebooks the location hardly matters because the files are small, but either they forgot about, or want to discourage, people trying to manage large libraries of audiobooks from other sources. This is a nightmare. All my audiobooks are gone, dissapeared. Mostly those, which I converted from audiobook CDs.

When I try to import it again, this is even worse, every single file is added as single book. Go to hell, Apple.

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But I do not have a clue how to point Books-App to that folder or other way round, move files and change library…. Then I added the new folder on my NAS in hope to get Books to re-import my audiobooks to the library and still keep the data stored on the NAS — guess that was a stupid idea…. Apple what did you do? Then, I point Plex the media server app, free of charge to that folder as a Library. Then, I am using an app called Prologue on my iPhone, which can browse the Plex library wirelessly and download books as needed to my iPhone.

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Will be happy to share more details if needed. What I find annoying is when you google help in transferring audio books to iPhone or iPod with the Catalina update the same mantra of using Finder to sync your device is repeated over and over….. I have exactly the same problem. I can not access my 1.