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Choose from 10 creative video filters that add a cinematic touch. Give your film a nostalgic monochrome style, a vintage western appearance, or a futuristic cool-blue look. Make action shots more exciting by changing their speed. You have hundreds of videos. And one big dream to be a moviemaker.

A touch of Hollywood magic for your home videos

Choose from a range of templates in almost any genre, pick your studio logo, and type in your movie title and credits. And the most basic of edits is to lop the ends off a clip, to trim video and make it shorter. It was a Tuesday. No, I think it was Wednesday.

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So, do yourself a favor and trim your video clips. On iOS, video editing is done inside the Photos app you can also do the same trick on the Mac, with one fundamental difference — details below. To trim a clip, find it in the Photos app, and tap to open it.

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Then hit the Edit button to enter editing mode. Depending on your iCloud Photo Library settings, the clip may not be stored locally on your device. You can play the clip, and you can also scrub through the clip by sliding the little white bar along the timeline.

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This will help you narrow down your trim points. The screenshots in this post show the iPad, but the steps are the same on the iPhone. Trimming the clip requires a little finesse to get things started. You see those arrows at either end of the timeline?

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  • You can also drag the video to the albums after which you can add it to the timeline for editing. After you have the video on the timeline, you can then choose how you want to edit it.

    This is either to trim, crop, rotate, merge with other video files and more functionalities. All the tools you require for these functions are placed on the top bar of the software. Once you edit the video and you have the final video ready to export, click on "Export". This will prompt you to choose how you want to create the video, as a format, DVD or even to your device.

    This is up to you. Editing a video on desktop computer can help you edit and perform all effects you want to the video as you like, but sometimes, you might only wish to make some simple editing like cut, crop, rotate, etc.

    Trim your video

    In this post, I have picked up 10 amzing iPhone video editing apps for your reference. If you're looking for an app for iPhone video, just take a look at the below list.

    How I Edit On My Macbook Air!

    Now, you've known how to edit iPhone video on PC and how to edit video on iPhone, which solution are you ready to try first?